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Hesse: The Ipad Has Been Good To Us

So when Verizon and AT&T made their big announcements that they would be carrying the Ipad in stores, who else out there was only mildly surprised or impressed? Verizon even opened up some of their Corporate stores an hour early in hopes to fulfill the needs of those customers knocking the doors down to get their hands on a wifi Ipad thats now in somewhat regular stock at their neighborhood Apple store.

Really whats the big deal? I’m not knocking the Ipad because I’m an Android fan, quite the opposite. Everyone who knows me knows that you can usually find me working an Android press event with my Ipad because so many of the Android tablets Ive tried havent done it for me. Of course my Ipad goes on Craigslist as soon as the Galaxy Tab is released.

So Verizon is carrying three wifi only models of the Ipad and bundling with their Mifi router.¬† Pretty sharp and clever idea right? That’s why Sprint has been suggesting their Mifi and Overdrive products to Ipad users since it’s release. In fact Sprint has an accesory for the ipad which has a pocked for the overdrive built right in. Sprint has been targeting the Ipad user since the Ipad was released.

Come on ask, you know you want to, ask about the money Verizon is making on the Ipad itself, close to, if not, NOTHING. There is NO margin in Ipads, and judging by the price point Verizon is selling the mifi and the service not the Ipad.

In a recent interview with Om Malik, from GigaOM, Hesse said that Ipad users were definitely a source of an uptick in Overdrive, wireless hotspot sales. Malik also asked Hesse about the Iphone itself to which Hesse gave the standard no comment about relationships with vendors.

Hesse said there were three key factors in Sprint’s recent turnaround which are: Customer Expeience, Value Proposition and Devices. Currently 45% of Sprint customers use a smartphone. Hesse said smartphones are becoming the “mainstream” Sprint seems laser line focused on their Blackberry offerings and their Android offerings. Sprint has two of the hottest high end Android devices available in the HTC Evo 4g, and the Samsung Epic 4G. Couple that with their new SprintID service and who needs an Iphone? Sprint customers know they can get an overdrive for their Ipad as well.

source: gigaOM

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