Google Offers Enterprise Security for Businesses using Android Phones

With so many Android handsets being activated everyday it seems only appropriate the Google would offer support for businesses.  The enterprise security options that Google will be supporting gives businesses more reasons to use Android handsets for corporate use.
The new update will be for Gapps and offer businesses several options that will enable a company to keep their information private in any situation. Some of these options are:

Remote wipe all data on devices that are lost, stolen or when an employee leaves the company.

Features  to manage Microsoft Exchange.

Lock idle devices after a period of inactivity

Require a device password for company phones

All policies can be enforced through a web browser on devices that have the Google Apps Device Policy App downloaded on their device.  The application will be free to all Google Apps Premier and Educational Edition customers.  The app for these customers can be accessed by going to the mobile tab under service settings in google apps control panel. Also these policy upgrades are only available to devices running Android 2.2.
What’s really interesting is that Google has been providing these policies to multiple platforms for awhile now.  So why it took Google so long to apply them to their own platform?  Your guess is as good as mine but it’s nice to see these policies and Gapp  upgrades finally make it to devices.  This should give companies a good reason to finally make the leap to Android for their business needs.

Source: eWeek

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