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Garmin and Asus: Separation is over Divorce Imminent

Reuters is reporting today that Asustek, the Taiwaneese company that partnerned with Garmin to introduce the GPS/Android phone, is severing that partnership.  Hints of the widely popular maker of GPS devices, Garmin, abandoning it’s “Smartphone” product line began popping up over the summer. According to Reuters, Asustek is supposed to make an official announcement later today.

The Reuters article speculates that once the Garmin smartphone project is officially dead it will free Garmin up to focus on their stand along navigation units as well as starting development on apps for both Iphone and Android.

Analyst Tim Shepherd with the firm Canalys said “The smartphone market is seeing huge growth, but the Garmin-Asus alliance has, to date, delivered disappointing volumes,”

What did you think of the “Garmin Phones”?

Source: Reuters

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