Galaxy Tab gets pricing at Tmo and Sprint?

Although mum was the word from Samsung Mobile’s Kim Titus at the CTIA show this week, and everyone we contacted with both TMO and Sprint, Tmonews is reporting today that the Galaxy Tab and it’s 7″ of awesomeness will debut at a subsidized price of $399 and an off contract price of $649.99 which puts it on point with the ipad.

The pricing seems a  little high but Tmo news got their hands on the above slide and as far as David can tell it’s legit.

Would you be willing to pay $399 or $649 for the Galaxy Tab on Tmobile?

Meanwhile the Boy Genius Report is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy tab will be the same $399 on a two year contact but $599 with unsubsidized full retail.

We also learned at CTIA the Sprint version of the Galaxy Tab is called “P1”

Source: Tmonews and BGR

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