Full Tilt Poker Offering a Way to Go Broke from your Phone

If you like to play Texas Hold ‘em and want to try to make some cash from your phone Full Tilt has the answer.  Full Tilt Poker has decided to create an app that will offer their Rush Poker game on your Android phone.  The app is currently is in a limited beta but a video was posted showing the app running.  Full Tilt has made it abundantly clear that this version of Rush Poker will allow you to play for real money.  For some people this will come as a very nice option but for most people this is going to be another way to throw money down the drain.  I am a huge poker player and I think this might be a very bad idea.

Can you imagine having to explain to your significant other that you lost $500 while playing poker on your phone?  In my mind this application, in the wrong hands, will cause nothing but personal financial issues and a new wave of gambling addicts.  I can already see a handful of people on public transportation screaming and yelling “What a donkey, I can’t believe he called with those cards.”  Or how about sitting next to someone in on the metro and he turns to you and ask you to borrow lunch money because he just dumped his last $20 to a guy who beat him with a 7-2 off suit.  I know this may be extreme for a simple poker application but I think I made my point.  Before you decide to try your hand at some online poker understand the risks and be responsible with your money because mobile gambling such as this will pilfer your bank account if you aren’t careful.  For the rest of you out there ready to flex your skills on the online poker tables, I will see you there ready to collect my next month’s rent.

[Source: Phandroid]

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