Dan Hesse The Guy Next Door CEO

If you’ve been reading or our twitter feed you may have noticed anytime we speak about Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, we refer to him as “the guy next door CEO”. Why?

Since starting Thedroidguy and other parts of a somewhat fruitful career in wireless I’ve been able to meet and or spend time with some of the CEOs and high ranking executives in our industry. All of them are nice guys.  Eric Schmidt enjoys taking what limited time he can to talk to journalists, evangelists and fans. Sanjay Jha, does the same, often times interjecting a sense of humor. JK Shin, albeit constricted by somewhat of a language barrier, also enjoys a good laugh with reporters. Ben Wolff, loves talking about his business and throwing in fun real world examples. Even Lowell McAdams will take the time to greet everyone in his immediate area.  So most CEO’s are nice guys. Most CEO’s do their job well.

Anyone who has had the chance to spend some time with Dan Hesse though, probably knows what I’m talking about, theres a warmness about Hesse. When you get into conversation with him he never seems rushed, even if there is a room full of people waiting to talk to him, or a PR person snagging him for the next event.  He has great recall I’ve had him ask me personally about Baltimore and the Orioles and turn around and ask the next guy about the Yankees or the Mets. Hesse asks about your flight and your family, and actually waits for a response. It’s not like the other CEOs don’t, it’s just that Hesse seems like he could be your neighbor.

There was an incident this week at the Sprint Developer’s Conference that manifests this compassion that Hesse sends trickling down all Sprint channels so Go Read it Now, by Aaron Kasten at by clicking here

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