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Cyanogen 6.1.0 RC1 Update goes live

By: Jamie Ivy, Special Contributor to

After his official website has been MIA since mid September, Cyanogen has burst back onto the scene with his latest release CM 6.1.0 RC. With a user base approaching a quarter of a million users, this looks to be one of the most highly anticipated ROM
updates to hit the community in a long time. Here’s what Cyanogen had to say about the new version “This is a release candidate, but it’s definitely capable of being your daily driver and we are very focused on fixing bugs quickly.”  Basically what he’s saying is that it remains a work in progress, but have patience and understanding, we’re really close. Personally, I can’t wait to give this baby a test drive, what say you?

New features have also been added such as Pedlar’s notification powerbar, insane performance boosts on all platforms  powerful new features in the camera app, new email features, FM radio support contributed by the MIUI team to name a few. Along with a very extensive changelog (to much to list) everyone is sure to find their happy place, but i’m sure there still will be those of you who continue to complain.You know who you are, or you know that person, and you might, “ugh”, you catch my drift.

Here are the devices supported as of right now: the HTC Aria, HTC Dream, HTC Magic, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Slide, and the
Nexus One. This is subject to change so keep checking back with us and we will update the list as soon as that information
becomes available.

How do you like the latest update? Upset there’s not support for your device? I suppose with Halloween just around the corner only one question truely remains, is this release going to be a Trick or Treat!!! Submit your comments below.

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