CTIA Now THIS Was Hot For The Holidays

We all saw how Samsung so graciousy took most of the CTIA Hot For The Holidays awards and deservingly so, with their Galaxy S line and the Galaxy Tab these devices are surely hot for the holidays.  Do you know what was hot on the trade show floor at the CTIA Enterprise and Applications show? An item not officially at the show but asked about by everyone, everywhere?

The Android Beanie. That’s right handcrafted by Rachel Ying with a little help from her husband, Xeiwi Ying (writer for the item that got the mosts stops, the most questions the most “Where did you get that?” was the Android Beanie.  Worn with pride almost the entire time by Russell Holly and then on days 2 and 3 by Aaron from Android Swag, Myself and Allie Fox, we literally couldn’t walk 2 feet on the tradeshow floor without someone asking where did we get our hats.

The Android Beanie, exclusively sold by Android Swag, will be up on their site shortly at, however just about 50 lucky folks got to purchase one on the weekend of the Android Barbecue in Austin Texas.

Although they may have to switch to a more mass production technique, the first run Beanies were all handcrafted by one very pregnant Rachel Ying both at home and on the car ride to Austin.  These unique green beanies are hand made and made well they survived suitcases, bunching up in my laptop bag, being worn on my head and past around.

Everyone who has seen these beastly hats wants one. I’m even thinking that the Android Beanie was Bruce from Getjar’s favorite part of the Android Barbecue. Bruce wore his beanie proudly throughout the 2 day Android Bootcamp seminar at CTIA.

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