CTIA Live: Android Bootcamp

11:46 Marting Tannefors from Samsung Mobile Innovators takes mic for Galaxy Tab giveaway

11:44AM Vanderbrink asked about multi-core he says by mid to late next year

11:42AM Someone just asked “What is Bada” Vanderbrink replied it was their OS for feature phones

11:39AM Question asked “are there other SDK’s for Samsung’s closer partners” Vanderbrink says no and they are behind the google Android SDK

11:36 Q&A Audience member asked about Samsung App Store and Fragmentation

11:31AM Vanderbrink picthing the Samsung Mobile Innovator innovator.samsungmobile.com

11:28AM Samsung’s Mark Vanderbrink could take some lessons from Samsung’s Omar Khan on speaking

11:27AM Samsung has sold 5 Million Galaxy S Phones across the world.

11:24AM Mark Vanderbrink of Samsung Telecommunications is going over the meat and potatoes of the Samsung Galaxy S Line.

11:19AM Mark Vanderbrink of Samsung Telecommunications is doing the Keynote

11:17AM David Cao from Silicon Valley Android Developers Group with Welcome

11:11AM we are ready to rock and Android Bootcamp

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