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CTIA – Enterprise and Application 2010 was all eyes on Android!

For those unaware of it’s purpose, CTIA is a trade show designed to put Business owners of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds in front of the cutting edge of all the varying forms of technology. It’s massive audience comes here to see what the latest and greatest is, and how it can be incorporated into their infrastructure, or to decide that they need a new one. This edition of CTIA is called Enterprise and Applications, and the focus was exactly that. Everything here presents itself as that possible answer to whatever question is being asked by the world at the time. For right now, the question I saw being answered most was “Would Android benefit me?” with a huge, loud, and unwavering yes as the answer.

From the first Keynote speech, it was made clear that the internet is both growing steady and shifting to wireless with never before seen force. The point that business was being done outside the office, mostly without a computer, and using tools and software that made this more efficient than sitting at a desk was being made every second. The Enterprise market, it seems, is in need of a champion. Something that did not fit a single specific mold. Something that could be developed for without restrictions, and deployed either across every device, or only pushed out to employees. Something that was able to be controlled remotely, in case something went wrong. Well, we all know something like that, don’t we? It’s Android, and it was everywhere this year. Panels ranging from Augmented Reality development and Location Based service deployment to an Android for business Boot Camp, where you got all you could eat on how to make sure Android makes you money, or makes you efficient. Services weren’t all either. Manufacturers and Carriers threw their weight in as well.

In the last few days, TEN Android Devices were announced, and several more were on display. Devices ranging from the insanely inexpensive LG Optimus T, heading to Sprint at $49.99 with a contract and the Huawei Ascend heading to Criket for $149 without a contract – to the HTC Mytouch HD, coming to T-Mobile at $199 with a spec sheet geared to blow the rest away. The device onslaught is set to show the Enterprise decision makers that there is no shortage on choice, and it’s working. Then there’s the Carriers. Sprint released Sprint iD, which offers a complete phone makeover for the user, but includes everything a business would need to theme themselves, or even create an app pack that could be deployed to their employees devices. Three phones at launch will have Sprint iD, though there were also Epic 4G’s and Galaxy Tab’s running around, which also had Sprint iD installed.

Intense Data consumption was also addressed at this event. It turns out that two gigabytes a month is a joke, no matter what the carriers say, and the Enterprise world is being told as much. Prepare you data to live “in the cloud” and make yourself accessible from anywhere were the mantras being heard all week. Data. What the consumers are doing right now is enjoying the all you can eat Data buffet, and it’s only going to continue with deployments of advanced 3G networks like LTE and WiMax across the country coming very soon. Content needs to be instantly available and in the form of lots, and it’s coming in big big ways.

Already, plans are being made for the next CTIA in Florida, which will focus nearly all it’s efforts towards Mobile, rather than Enterprise. It will be extremely interesting to see what growth we will see by then. One this is absolutely sure, and that is that companies are looking right at Android for their solutions.

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