Augen Gen Touch, K-mart Tablet adds 6 more!

Augen Electronics Corporation, the company that brought us the $149 K-Mart android tablet has announced production of 6 new wifi only Android tablets. The tablets will range in price from $199-$599 and all feature Augen’s SlideMe applications store. Augen’s first forray into the world of Android was via a $149 Android tablet exclusively sold at K-mart stores. These tablets featured the google apps suite and market, however after some probing from Laptop Magazine, Google put the kaibosh on that.

Here’s  a quick rundown of the Augen offerings”

Latte and Latte Grande- start at $199 and feature 7″ display at 800×480 2gb internal memory, SD slot supporting up to 16gb and an HDMI out.

There are 4 tablets in the “Espresso” line which start at a 1ghz processor and add bluetooth as well as a front facing camera.

The most expensive of the line is the Dopio at $599 and features a dual boot with your choice of Android or Ubuntu, a memory bump to 512 and 160GB of storage.

Its nice to see these new offerings but two questions arrive at this juncture the first is, will they really make it to market, and second, with these bare bones feature sets are the even in the class or category of a Galaxy Tab? Although the dual boot with Ubuntu and Android is nice….
Source: Techspot

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