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AT&T Adds Ipad as well

We reported here, just a few hours ago, that the Ipad was headed to Verizon retail stores and will be bundled with a Verizon Mi-Fi device.  In addition to supplying Veizon stores with the Ipad, Apple has opened up the Ipad to carrier partner AT&T.

Since AT&T is already the data provider for 3g capable Ipads, it seems like a natural fit. Unlike Verizon, AT&T will offer the 3g enabled Ipads and allow customers to sign up in store for the Ipad ala carte data plan pricing.  The Ipad data plans include access to the AT&T 3g network as well as access to over 23,000 AT&T wifi hotspots. AT&T Ipad data plans will start at $14.99 which leads us to believe the pricing structures leaked for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab are a little off base.

Glen Lurie, AT&T President of Emerging Devices, Resale and Partnerships, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, said “We can’t wait to showcase the amazing features of iPad Wi-Fi + 3G in our stores across the country just in time for the holidays”

The Ipads, similarly priced to the bundle deals at Verizon stores are: $629, $729 and $829 based on the size of the Ipads non expandable internal memory.

Again, as we stated in the story about Verizon’s sale of Ipads, we can only think that the delay of an announcement for a Galaxy Tab street date was contingent on this announcement.

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