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Twitter. Many of us love it, making Twitter clients pretty important. I usually try not to do things like well-known games and Twitter clients for app of the week, but if an app receives an update or a new UI design it just might happen. This week is an example of such a scenario. HootSuite is definitely classified as well-known, mainly because of its popular desktop client. However, the Android version of this Twitter client has always been a little lacking.


Recently, TweetDeck for Android was finally released in the market. It was popular in beta, and now is extremely popular in the market, due to its well-done integration of other social networks such as Facebook and Foursquare. It really changed the game with this, and like I was hoping, other Twitter apps followed “suite” (see what I did there?). HootSuite was the second app on the market to do this integration of Facebook. Now, with HootSuite you can add a column for your Facebook news feed to update. You can see everyone’s status and comment and like them as well.

One of the other features that is really helpful is posting to Facebook. Sure, TweetCaster has done this as well but one thing HootSuite has the TweetCaster doesn’t is allowing you to see your Facebook news feed. HootSuite really brings it together with this feature and the ability to see the feed.


It also has the other basic features a good Twitter client has. It saves your scroll position and has an easy-to-use interface. You can do old-style retweets and view peoples accounts. It is cool to see people’s stats as well. Another thing that would be nice for business users is the way it allows you to schedule tweets, that way no tweets will be late.


For those of you that want the social network experience of Twitter along with Facebook, HootSuite is a great app. I am not saying it is the best client

in the market, but now TweetDeck definitely has some competition. Go pick it up now in the market for free.

about the writer: Elijah Ketchum is a 15 year old sophomore in High School in Cincinnati OH. His Android experience started with the Motorola Droid. He enjoys everything about Android and convincing his iPhone fan boy classmates to switch. He recently convinced his father, a long term Blackberry user to switch to a Motorola Droid X. Like Elijah’s writing? Have advice? email

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