Angry Birds gets 1Million Downloads in One Day

Rovio has something to not get Angry over and it’s the fact that their popular franchise, “Angry Birds” had over 1 million downloads in one day when it was released on Friday.  Angrybirds 1.3.5 was released on first thing Friday morning to an overwhelming response.  94,000 downloads in the first minute, that’s over a terrabyte of data with the 12mb file size of the Angry Birds apk.

In case you’re living on the moon (if you were living under a rock you’d know about Angry Birds already) Angry Birds is a highly addictive animated arcade style game where you throw little birds off a slingshot that break buildings apart and kill little pig like creatures. Think Kitten Cannon.  According to staff writer, Androidjosh (Josh C), Angry Birds isn’t just about the birds and the slingshots, it’s actually a very well thought out game of physics. Josh noted that if you are just a smigeon off in the slingshotting of a bird from the previous time you’ll get a whole new result. Josh compared the game to that somewhat popular dynamite game.

Did you see Android Police’s, David Ruddock’s  article about Adobe Flash getting to 1M downloads? In it Ruddock questions, what really is all the hype about Flash? To me the hype about Angry Birds and it’s subsequent 1M downloads in one day is very significant. Its significant in terms of Angry Birds’ popularity. It’s significant in Getjar’s popularity and bi proxy the overwehelming popularity of Android.


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