Amzer’s 3500 maH Solar ready Battery

On the go power is a serious issue for some. I typically can’t go a whole day without killing my Nexus One due to Angry Birds and keeping up with Android broadcasts and occasionally catching up on a TV show or movie. I am quite aware of my cell phone abuse, and because of that, I am in a constant search for enough power to last the day. I’m never home, and only in my car for a few minutes at a time, so it’s got to be portable. Something I bring with me. Something that will re-charge itself throughout the day, just in case I get on that winning streak with Angry Birds. Well, I found one solution in the 3500 maH Solar ready battery from Amzer.

Amzer makes a ton of mobile accessories. They have a case for everything, and they offer every mobile accessory you can imagine. Their flagship portable charger, this 3500 maH Solar charger, will charge my Nexus from dead twice over with power to spare. Plus, as long as you leave the device in sunlight, it will charge all day long. Unfortunately, it takes two whole days in sunlight to bring it back to full, so you will still be relying on wall power for some of your energy.

They are solid devices, and I would recommend them to anyone. Plus, as 69.99, they are just about as expensive as a larger battery replacement.

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