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Adobe Releases Adobe AIR 2.5 and Talks About InMarket


For those who didn’t know, Adobe MAX is going on right now and there have been some announcements made that are pretty big news.  The first of those announcements is the release of Adobe AIR 2.5. The second announcement was the InMarket program.

If you had the opportunity to attend the Adobe panel at the Big Android TX BBQ then you probably already heard about AIR 2.5.  Adobe said that AIR 2.5 will allow developers to take their ActionScript applications and transfer them to APK files that will be able to be downloaded through the Android Marketplace.  Also AIR 2.5 will let developers create flash based applications not only for Android handsets but also Google TV.  AIR essentially opens up a lot of new possibilities because it supports not only Android phones and Google TV, but it will also allow support for tablets and desktop computers.  So if you’re a developer who wants to be able to allow your application to support multiple devices then Adobe AIR 2.5 is something you will definitely want to explore.

The other interesting announcement that I mentioned earlier is InMarket.  Adobe explains that InMarket will provide developers the ability to offer their AIR created applications to multiple app stores at once.  The way this service works is that the developer would upload their application to a server and then Adobe would take care of all distribution and billing for the app.  Now of course InMarket would not be a free service.  Adobe has said that they would take a 30 percent cut for utilizing this service which, if memory serves me right, is the same thing Google charges for paid applications in the marketplace now.  Something else to note is that all applications that are uploaded for InMarket can be tweaked to run on not only Android phones but also tablets, televisions and PC’s too.

Adobe went on to say that AIR will come preinstalled on new Android phones in the future.  With all the support that Adobe is offering for Android, it is going to be interesting what developers are going to offer consumers.  What interests me a little more is what AIR can offer those who are looking to create games for the Android community.  I guess time will tell how much an impact AIR and InMarket will make on Android application development.  All I say right now is “Thank You Adobe for your support. ”

Source : Wired

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