Adobe AIR Runtime Now on Android

By Jake Southers, Special Contributor TDG Online

As promised at the Big TX Android BBQ today marks a new Era in Software development with the launch of the Adobe AIR Runtime on the Android market. The Adobe AIR Runtime will allow Android end users to run applications built using Adobe AIR. One such example of these types of applications is Meteor Storm Moon base Defence By Terry Paton. Meteor Storm is a great example of what is to come from the addition of AIR to the android platform. It has very crisp and fluid design and was originally designed for use on the web via Flash. But Games are just the start, Adobe AIR will bring so much more to Android than was available before such as feature rich applications, video conferencing with multiple parties, applications that can utilize all of your devices components, and much more. We can also expect many more developers to begin making applications for Android due to the ease of coding using AIR. I am very excited to see where AIR takes Android in the future the sky is the limit.

Here is a list of AIR applications available Currently Via appbrain, Chime in an Give us your opinion on what you think this will mean for Android.

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