Weekly Segment – Interview with a Dev!

Welcome to the very first of a new segment here at The Droid Guy – Interview with a dev. Every week we are going to pick a dev in the community, and get to know the makers of some of our favorite addictions a little better. The Android Developers are some of the best and brightest minds in our opinion, and we here at TDG would like to drag them away from their work long enough to get to know them, and more importantly, to give the community a venue to thank them for all of their hard work. So let’s get started!

One of the key elements to the Android community is Rooting. Everyone wants it, entire forums are stuck in limbo arguing the definition, and the people responsible for making Root possible are truly the unsung heroes of the community. However, just as important as gaining root access is demonstrating how to the masses, in a format that can be plainly understood. It is with that in mind that I decided to interview the minds behind RootzWiki.com! If you have never been there, RootzWiki.com offers up all of the root information for every available device, and they make it easy!

So, tell me about why you decided to start RootzWiki?

b16a2smith: Hmmm, lets see, the first thing is I would have to say, to help the android community get things archived and in one place to find the right resources to get the full experience of your android handset/device. Secondly, I hate digging through the “lost” threads in most of these forums.
Great! What are the qualifications for something getting put on the Wiki?

b16a2smith: Ok, thats easy, has to work and be verified by numerous users or a reliable source. Any body can get on RootzWiki as long as if any CREDIT is due, they will get it. I don’t want people writing tutorials and taking the credit for someone else’s work, you know what I mean?
Absolutely, gotta give credit! Do you guys work with any of the teams like unrEVOked or the guys at XDA for exclusive releases? By exclusive I mean “see it here first”

b16a2smith: No we haven’t, we would love to, although our intention is to highlight the real stars, unrEVOked is an awesome team, they are all very complex people, we would love to help promote their team to the fullest of our ability, man oh man, the XDA guys are animals, they let nothing slip by without root if they can, we have to scour the site all the time because of it lol. As I have said though, we would love to help get your (the user) name out and get the process delivered.
You initially drew attention to your service with a pretty nice giveaway, and the attention you have been getting since then has been pretty incredible from where I am standing, so where do you go from here?

b16a2smith: We gave the androids away obviously to get the name out, another thing is some magical way we get these leaks every now and then and well… they get leaked. What now you ask? The biggest project I have taken on in a while, DevzWiki, is like the RootzWiki of ROMs, Root Apps, Everything you could imagine, every ROM, root app, all things you would want to know or see when making the choice to flash your device.

That sounds like an equally huge undertaking!

b16a2smith: it is very big, and hopefully we can utilize it to get devs just to showcase their work there, we host nothing, just showcase. I obviously wouldn’t have the bandwidth for Cyanogen’s ROM’s let alone EVERY device and ROM. It is mainly a tool to get everyones work known. I think they will love it, its a huge gift to the community, Andrew my partner has been the biggest of help, along with my buddies Steve (Birdman) and Wade (Phoxus).
Great! Finally, what’s your device of choice right now?

b16a2smith: I have the Droid and Droid X, with a Sprint Evo on hand, I wish I had all activated at once without all three bills.
Of the 3, do you have a favorite?
b16a2smith: Of course the Droid. No crazy e-fuses in it, and the EVO is on sprint.
(Sarcasm on the e-fuse.)

Be sure to follow the RootzWiki team on twitter (@rootzwiki) and be sure to check out their site!

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