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Verizon's Next Attempt to De-Googlize Android

Verizon has been soliciting app developers to submit their apps into the upcoming V-Cast App Store. Veizon is hoping to offer a top of the line applications market by having developers go through a short and free approval process with a turn around time of 14 days from submission to store-front.

Another part of the V-Cast store that developers may find attractive is a 70/30 split where the developer will get 70% of the sale price of the app with the rest going to Verizon.  This could prove to be a good jump into the app market space for Verizon.

On one side what we see is Verizon stepping up to allow Android App Developers another sanctioned outlet to distribute thier wears. On the side of the customer, V-Cast is a name that is familiar to Verizon customers who may not be quite as familiar with the term “Android Market”

Another positive is that this new V-Cast store may motivate Google into looking into their Android Market stucture. Basically since it’s inception the Android Enthusiast and Developer community have been harping for a more easily organized store and expeience for those looking for apps.  No one has seemed to figure out the algorithm for which Google/Android ranks apps. You can see a clean crisp beautiful app at the top at one point during the day, and a dirty little text app a couple hours later.

Verizon is holding an App Developer conference September 21-22 to get developers excited about their V-Cast Store.

As die hard google enthusiasts we wonder if the openness of Android is what’s causing all this carrier interference. Google currently alocates space to the carriers in the current market however each carriers “sub menu” is also just as unorganized as the rest of the store.
Is this another attempt to De-Googlize Android or does the V-Cast Store make Cent$?

Source: Verizon and Androidandme

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