Verizon's LTE Network May Soon Be Upon Us

In the world of technology things move very quickly, and we are already seeing another 4g network. Granted, it is not released yet, but we are still seeing confirmations of there being another 4g network among us by the end of 2010.

Verizon Wireless has stated that their 4g LTE network will be available in 30 cities by 2010, and the rest of the US should expect coverage everywhere by 2013. Now we have heard many claims from VZW before and we are hoping they are right on, if not early on their time estimations.

“The remainder of the country will get this 4G service in stages until the entire nation has access to Verizon Wireless’ 4G network by 2013”
as stated by Bernie McMonagle, a Senior Federal Sales Executive from Verizon

Verizon also threw in a little more details concerning the matter, by saying these 30 cities will be NFL Team cities. Given that there are 32 NFL teams, most of those cities can rejoice in some pricy 4g coverage. Huzzah. This may seem exciting to us Android users, however some sad news is also upon us. Verizon stated that most of this coverage will be given to laptop cards because of the “short supply of LTE smartphones” . Hopefully VZW is incorrect in that statement because I would love some 4g coverage on my Android phone. The speeds are estimated to be around 5 Mbs to 12 Mbs, which are pretty similar to Sprint’s current 4g speeds.

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