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Verizon offers up pay-as-you-go Data!

Android’s original mission statement was to offer devices of all types to as many people as possible. First, the four major carriers got their own compliment of Android phones, then recently, prepaid companies and smaller carriers started getting them. A push for devices offered in a prepaid format for major carriers has been  around since the beginning of the Android revolution. There are plenty of people out there who do not want contracts, and so resort to prepaid or just buying their phones outright. Well, Verizon has heard the call, and will be the first to offer prepaid data plans!

The carrier said that beginning today customers can go into stores and purchase unlimited prepaid data on select smartphones and multimedia phones for $30 per month. Verizon said the plans will be available online starting Sept. 28. The prepaid data pricing is identical to Verizon’s postpaid pricing. With changes like this coming around the corner, it makes me wonder when the other three will follow suit and offer similar plans. Carriers?

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