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Twidroyd Update 4.0

There are sure a lot of twitter clients, and no matter who you ask everyone has their favorites. The Android community has made it obvious that Twidroyd is one of their favorites. Still among the top paid twitter app Twidroyd stands tall, and boasting this new update things for other twitter clients could get ugly. Ok, so since the beginning TwidrOId was all about features. They had one of the best twitter clients of their time. They were some of the first to do refresh to shake, multi-account support, and many more things. They soon got bought out and became Twidroyd. At first the name change brought some hate–at times being said the worst name change since SciFi to SyFy–but Twidroyd was sure to pull through. It took it a little slow, but this update looks promising.

We are all pretty familiar with the new twitter look, and obviously so is Twidroyd. What they have done is sort of similar, but in my opinion, much better. This new feature is called live preview. Live preview is a cool system that happens when you rotate you phone sideways. It goes without saying that it has always been a pain to have to load a link in a browser and Twidroyd takes care of that. Live Preview goes into your stream and pre-loads all of the pages, so as you scroll through on the right side the link or picture is right there waiting for you. Twidroyd is the first app in the Android Market to do this. This feature is so so cool, and until you use it you have no idea how cool it is. To have everything loaded for you waiting right next to the tweets is awesome.

Twidroyd has really stepped it up with this update and i applaud them. I have said this before, and I will say it again. Hopefully Twidroyd stepping it up will cause others to as well, and maybe we can get an update to our official Twitter app (and man do we need one). Check the screenshots below to see this for yourself, and go get Twidroyd in the market. I also recommend getting Twidroyd Pro as well, the full experience is worth it.

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