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Texas Instruments, sure they’re in Texas but I thought they only made calculators

At nearly 35 my first experience with Texas Instruments was their beloved Speak & Spell “Learning to Spell Level 1” are you not famiiar? Ok so perhaps you may relate better to my high school days circa 1990 the TI-81 was definitely the precursor to the smart phone, believe it or not but my TI-81 could store the answers to all my tests, write BOOBLESS and a slew of other words, and eventually it even got that “Falling Down” Game and it was priced just like smart phones of today…

So why is the company infamous for their graphing calculators (which can now wirelessly sync up with other students and the teacher btw) coming to the Big Android Barbecue? Why am I posting this on because Texas Instruments is a multi-faceted procesor and chip manufacturer as well. In fact they are the #4 producer of semiconductors world wide so chances are aside from that Speak & Spell you bought at a yard sale and the TI-81 that’s been in  your mothers chest of drawers for a decade, if you have an electronic you’ve had a Texas Instruments semi-conductor.  Wait you’re not to the Android part yet.

Before we get into Texas Instruments and Android, I think it’s pretty darn cool to know that they also have their hand in Radar Systems, Infrared Systems, Defense Electronics, even missles. (maybe they could bring a missle to the barbecue)

Okay now the good part. Texas Instruments via their semi-conductor and processor business’ has been a part of the Android community from day one in fact they have issued the following statement specifically for the Big Android Barbecue:

A strong backer of the Android community since day one, TI remains committed to serving the Android ecosystem with a full set of tools – from semiconductor technologies to development platforms, software solutions and more – to help lift designs from the drawing board to consumers’ hands. TI’s OMAP™ processors sit at the foundation of several flagship Android-based devices on the market today, such as Motorola’s Droid family. The OMAP processors will continue to provide the high performance, low power balance needed to deliver consumer-craved Android experiences.

So there you have it. As all fo us know Motorola’s Droid is the best selling Android phone to-date and that’s a lot of OMAP processors.

At a recent technology expo in Dallas Texas, Aaron Kasten, my partner in and founder of , The Big Android Barbecue, and I spent a lot of time with Texas Instruments and saw first hand their OMAP processor in a computer setting, various evolutions of the graphing calculator (including set ups for high schools where the teacher and the students calculators sync up wirelessly) and a helmet like virtual reality looking computer device.

In addition to all of the cool products Texas Instruments is working on we also had the opportunity to hear Rich Templeton speak.  One of the values he drove home was community and his pride in their name Texas Instruments. Templeton spoke of how he loves to be part of events that happen in his own backyard, so getting in touch with Texas Instruments was a no brainer. Unlike Austin Based, Dell, Texas Instruments is true to their words and have been behind this Big Android Barbecue for the past couple of months.

So please when you’re at the barbecue, whether your from Canada, Boston, Missouri or Texas give a warm Texas welcome to Texas Instruments.

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