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Tablets Tablets Tablets at IFA: Toshiba Folio 100

Finally after seeing what 20+ pseudo Android tablets at last years CES show, we finally get to see some real Android Tablets and Smart media devices come into play.  The past two days we’ve spent a lot of time with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a great Smart Media Device running Android 2.2 in a 7″ approx 300g weight makes it light and easy to use.  Consider this in considering size of tablet, the idea behind the tablet comes from the yellow pad form factor, you put the yellow pad in your left hand and wrote with your pen in the right (reverse if your left handed) a yellow pad was never meant to be held two-handed, in my opinon the 10″ tablet forces that or a counter balance of a table or your lap. I know this from my experience with my own Ipad.

Toshiba has brought out a really nice 10″ tablet. Multi-tasking, video-conferencing, the Nvida Chip set, Android apps and wifi prinitng make this tablet already better loaded than the Ipad out of the gate. If I was a 10″ tablet guy I’d highly consider the Folio 100.

Without “hibernation” The Toshiba Folio 100 offers Touch to Go, instant on with less than 30 seconds of boot up time. Under the hood for connectivity it features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3g depending on models. Toshiba is going to offer a Wi-Fi only version (this is a win for Toshiba). They are stating that battery life is 7 hours however the battery is only 1020 Mah. It offers USB Client and Host with a mini and regular USB port for in and out access.

The Android 2.2 will be upgradeable to Gingerbread, though it’s current status as a tablet means there is no Market, a crippling blow to this device. The Toshiba Folio will only come in one memory size which is 16gb on board and has an SD slot which supports up to 32gb.

We thought CES 2010 was revealing win win win for Android Tablets, this years CTIA and CES shows will definitely feature major tablet contenders.

Warning due to technical difficulties this video is BAD QUALITY

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