Special Alert: the Target App is awesome!

I don’t do a lot of app reviews, for a handfull of reasons. An app has to really blow me away in order for me to give a full review of it, mainly because I cycle through app constantly. I average about $12 in apps, just to give perspective. My graveyard (you know, that list at the bottom of your downloads section that just says PURCHASED but not installed?) is significant. It’s not that there are that many bad apps out there either, I just only keep apps on my phone if I am actively using them. So, when Target announced they were releasing an Android app, I was not really rushing to the Market to give it a try. Then tonight when I went shopping, I remembered that I wanted to give it a try, so here’s the Target app!

When you first install the app, you are greeted with three very simple buttons. The navigation could not be clearer. They have their weekly ad, their Clearance section, and their featured section, which is currently geared towards College kids. I was surprised to find that the Weekly ad was not just a PDF of their circular, but instead another navigation panel. This time, however, everything was broken out into the same categories as their store. You mean… I can just read the Electronics sales, and not be bothered by hair care products? Amazing. The other two sections are done the exact same way. Very uniform, an extremely easy to navigate to exactly what you want. No ads, no products I dont want, nothing.

The app also includes a barcode scanner, tied into Target’s pricing database. It’s fast, and works exactly like it should. Hold the camera over the barcode for a second, and get the prices you want. Couldn’t be easier. No barcode, or the barcode is damaged? You can enter the SKU for the item instead and get the same information. Target made the process as painless as it could possibly be, short of plugging in to your Google checkout so you dont have to go to a register (but a man can DREAM!). All in all it couldn’t work better.

So, a simple UI, correct information, and no ads. I sure hope Target’s competition is paying attention, because this app alone is reason enough for me to shop there rather than other places. Give it a try from the Market today!

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