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SoundID goes Android!

The scene at Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular 2010 was one of change. Many companies there, who have been designing accessories and utilities for mobile devices for years have are finally seeing the paradigm shift in the mobile market. It’s not enough to just make things for that “One Device, on One Network” that Andy Rubin busted so hard at I/O this year. Android is turning the heads of these companies, and the smart ones had their Android ready toys for this holiday season ready to show off. It’s true that for things like cases, or battery replacements, there is no simple answer to making things for Android. The fact that we are not “One device” is actually a hinderance in this sense. There are devices, however, that can interact with all Android devices the same way. Today, we’re looking at the Sound ID Bluetooth Devices.

The Sound ID line has something that no one else on the market currently has to offer Android – complete device customization from the phone. Along with your purchase of any Sound ID device comes the app you use to completely control it. The concept adds a purposeful solution to the morse code-like navigation of your existing bluetooth device. What is it, three blinks means it’s synced, four blinks means it’s in search mode? It’s insane. An app takes all of that guesswork and moves it onto your phone, plus tons more features, making what I am calling one of the first “smart bluetooths”. Let me show you what I mean.

Touch Sensor Volume: Manage volume through a simple touch control.

Pass Thru Mode: Amplify surrounding sound while wearing the headset – allowing clear conversations “On” and “Off” the phone.

A2DP: Listen to music, GPS, web casts and more; the headset mutes music when a call comes in.

Multi-Point Technology: Connect the headset to up-to two mobile phones at once.

Voice Prompts: Provides connection and status announcements.

2X or 3X NoiseNavigation: The Sound ID 520 and 512 have three microphones, and the Sound ID 500 has two, providing a reduction in background noise while maintaining speech recognition.

USB Connectivity: Charge and upgrade the headset all through the USB.

Long Battery Life: A powerful battery offers five hours of talk time and 135 hours of standby time, with an in-app battery meter.

Compatibility: All three products in the Sound ID 5 Series are compatible with any Android Phone.

Every setting can be controlled by the application, plus more. The devices will start to come out in October, so look for a comprehensive device review soon!

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