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Samsung's WP Wong on Why Android

Samsung has definitely hit the jackpot with their Galaxy S series smart phones and their Samsung Galaxy Tab. We were able to spend some one on one time with Samsung’s WP Wong who heads product development for Samsung Mobile. Even after asking the question in the Galaxy Tab Q&A about the Honeycomb tablets and Samsung Mobile head, JK Shin, jumping in for confirmation, WP Wong was delighted to answer some follow ups in a closed session with myeslf, Taylor Wimberly from Android & Me, Todd from Mobile Burn, KT Bradford from Laptop Magazine, Will Park from Intomobile, Sarah Anderson from Computer Shopper and Dieter Bohn from Cell Phone Experts/Android Central,

During this session I asked WP with Bada just now heating up and Windows Mobile 7 around the corner (maybe) why Android..

You will be delighted with his answer

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