Samsung US Galaxy Tab Overview: Hands On

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is set to revolutionize the tablet space. There really isn’t very much quality competition when looking for an Android device. Currently, because they aren’t supporting 3G radios the Toshiba Folio 100 and the Viewsonic Tablet will not have Android Market thus creating a sub par experience. Eken, Comangi, Pandigital and others have good ideas but with lower versions of Android and resistive screens hold them back.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy Tab
We were first exposed to the Galaxy Tab at the International roll out the day before the IFA Show at the beginning of September. From that point forward poking around with this thing we’ve found that the Galaxy Tab is much more than just a tablet and Omar Kahn and his team of engineers for Samsung Telecommunications America, and Samsung Mobile know their stuff and know the benefits of Android

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What we wanted to highlight is what we learned about the Galaxy Tab in America

– The Galaxy Tab will come out on all 4 carriers, Verizon, T-Mobile, ATT, and Sprint
– The Galaxy Tab in the United States will not have phone functionality
– The Galaxy Tab will have Android 2.2 and despite what Google’s Hugh Barra said will have Android Market
– The Galaxy Tab on Verizon will be Blue
– According to Samsung’s Omar Kahn the Sprint version will only run 3G
Release dates, pricing, and availability will be forthcoming from the carriers