Samsung to drive Android to No 2 OS Worldwide by end of 2010

That’s right you read the headline here, or perhaps on so what’s this all about?

Industry Research Firm Gartner has released some amazing numbers in regards to the landscape of the Smartphone OS market is concerned. As reported by Android Central, Gartner predicts that Android will become the Number 2 Operating system in the world by the end of 2010 and further, Gartner predicts with the growth stream Android is on, that it will overtake Symbian as the number 1 OS in the world by 2014

To achieve this Gartner stated: “Gartner expects manufacturers such as Samsung to launch many new budget Android devices in 2H10 that will drive Android into mass market segments. Other players, such as Sony Ericsson, LG and Motorola, will follow a similar strategy. This trend should help Android become the top OS in North America by the end of 2010.”

What’s even more interesting is Gartner goes onto say that Windows Phone 7 will take the 6th spot behind meego. Gartner sees open platforms as being more successful than closed platforms such as Iphone and RIM’s Blackberry platform stating ” Single-source platforms, such as Apple’s iOS and Research In Motion’s OS, will increase in unit terms, but their growth rate will be below market average and not enough to sustain share increase”

Gartner is a trusted mobile industry research platform but it is worthy to note that Neilsen and NPD are typically considered the standard.

source:, Gartner
image: Gartner

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