Samsung Galaxy Tab to be the first DivX Certified Tablet!

The focus on tabets is becoming nothing short of a frenzy right now. Tablets shot out from every direction at IFA 2010, and more are on theway. 2011 will surely be the year of the Tablet. Like it or not, very much like the iPhone, Apple set a standard. Fortunately, we Android users are quite accustomed to our beloved devices reaching, and then exploding beyond that standard, with a whole new and improved experience that makes us all happy to be Android users. Well, today I found out that the Galaxy Tab will already be exceeding one of many standards, by becoming the first Tablet with the DivX certification!

Samsung has already achieved this award with their Galaxy S line of phones, so the bar was not a difficult one to reach, but an impressive one nonetheless. Coupled with it’s already impressive screen and great line of existing features, the Galaxy Tab will be able to interface with any DivX certified device and deliver HD content. Additionally, DivX videos will run flawlessly on the device. The DivX codec is considered by many to be the golden standard for video playback, and more than 300 million DivX certified devices have been shipped to dates, many of which are likely already in your home!

Combined with the rich Android Multitasking, and the previously demonstrated Wireless Printing capabilities, the Galaxy Tab will no doubt be a smashing success out of the box, and will set an even higher standard for all future Tablets!

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