Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate – Unboxing and Review!

Samsung has been really knocking them out of the park recently. So much good press has come their way that some weeks I feel like they are all anybody cares about. With the Tab coming and the Holiday season coming, Samsung is closing it’s extremely positive hands around the Android device market, ready to offer something great for everyone. The last step in the mobile market is the Galaxy S Fascinate on Verizon Wireless. Here’s the Unbox!

Now, I spent some time with the device after this. Obviously there are some differences. Each Galaxy S in unique in some way. The Fascinate offers a flash for the camera, and Bing.The flash is a nice add, and while it’s not the brightest flash out there – it is certainly better than no flash or an LED flash. As for Bing, it replaces Google Search, Google Maps, Google Nav, and Google Places. This is a significant shock to any Android phone, and immediately saw people on Twitter looking for a way to get their Google back. The replacement for Google nav is the veteran VZNavigator. I have used VZNav since they first released it, and watched it grow into a solid product, that is in many way better than the still beta Google Nav. The real disappointment here from Verizon is that there is no choice. Android is all about choice, and while I see no reason Bing should not offer these services, Android users should have a choice, and Verizon took that away. Fortunately, it didn’t take anything away from my review video! Check it out!

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