Samsung Galaxy Beam makes appearance at IFA but probably not US

After the Samsung Press Conference highlighting their “Creating A Smarter Life” Campaign and the official European launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab we headed over to the Samsung Booth. Now when I say booth don’t think 12′ of table space and some curtain and drape, no the Samsung Booth at the IFA Show is the size of an airplane hangar. We have much more to show you in the next couple of days.

Since we were blessed with face time with the Samsung Galaxy Tab yesterday instead of following the herds of European press to the Galaxy Tab demo area, I took a b-line to this beauty, the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

This Galaxy S variant features a lot of the same specifications of other Samsung Galaxy S phones, including SuperAMOLED screen, on board 16gb of memory, Android 2.1 etc. But what sets this device apart and gives it its name, “Beam” is the built in WVGA projector for presentations on the go. Imagine having the ability to show slides during your literal, elevator pitch. This is one of the phones I’ve been waiting to get my hands on, the unfortunate part, is that it probably won’t see a place in US retail stores anytime soon.¬† Samsung spokesperson Kim Titus stated there were no plans for the immediate future regarding the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

The problem with bringing this device over is price-point. This phone would have a hard time seeing a subsidized price sub $300 because the carriers can’t make any money off the projector and while it’s neat to have it doesnt appear that it’s on anyones upcoming “roadmap” but alas just seeing it in person is an amazing feat.

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