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Part Three – HDMI out – We’re doing it wrong RIGHT

In the two previous posts I looked at the HDMI out on Evo 4G and the Droid X.  I discussed some of the drawbacks and limitations placed on these two phones with the implementation on HDMI out.  I’m not going to rehash these issues.  What I want to focus on is what has been done so far by the amazing developers in the Android Community.  Although part one focused on the Evo 4G I want to focus on the Droid X first.

Droid X – Solution

Real HDMI – by $1.99 on the Android Market

Real HDMI offers Droid X users full HDMI output, on both rooted and unrooted phones.  Everything can be seen in portrait mode on your HDTV, although with limitations.  While you can output everything that you see on your screen, you cannot output to the HDTV and see content on your Droid X at the same time. This is due to the fact that Dual-View is not supported with the OMAP processor found in the Droid X.  The team is working on a remedy for this but they are going to have to design a standalone application (I believe this is the case based off of their website).  On September 12, the team released version 1.1.2 which offers some great new tools for rooted phones, offering features for removal of artifacts from different applications such as youtube, tv.cEvoom, and other applications.  Real HDMI is only available for the Droid X at this point but the team may eventually try to tackle the Evo 4G.

Evo 4G – Solution

The only solution that has been figured out with the Evo 4G is the fps issue.  Unfortunately the only way that fps can be remedied is through root.  After the phone has been rooted it is necessary to flash a custom rom although that will not necessarily offer fps changes.  The current rom that I have on my Evo 4G is Fresh by Flipzmode.  When freshly flashed the framerates are still capped at 30fps.  The way to get around that is to flash a kernel.  The best resource that I have found are the forums over at  The kernel that I added to my phone to unlock the framerates was one of netarchy’s kernels.  I am not going to share which kernel due to the fact that they are updated very frequently, and if I give you the version I have it would most possibly be outdated by the time you read this.

Evo 4G – Work In Progress HDMI FULL OUTPUT

CM6 and the cyanogenmod team have managed to figure out how Direct Draw works, unfortunately it runs poorly and not at it’s fullest potential, or even half of it’s potential.  So they figured out a way to simplify Direct Draw so it draws basic media and it draws and looks good.  They didn’t release how they did it so developers cannot add it to their apps yet.  Also, currently it doesn’t output at 30fps and the apps that it runs with run with less functionality.  But they are working on a great way to make this work – drawing and using the hardware correctly.

Unfortunately they did not share much in the way of details or release information forthcoming but rest assured that when it is added to CM6 (stable release) it will be worth the wait.  As with almost any version of cyanogenmod the team will push the phone further than it has been pushed and will offer a better experience than you can find right out of the box.

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