New Segment: Community Soapbox – Jake Southers of!

One of the greatest things about Android is the Community. We pull together resources from all across the world and make these amazing phones go even farther. The community itself is preparing for the single biggest event of it’s kind. A truly community created and driven event which has picked up global attention. So, starting today, we will be asking guest writers from all over the community to use our site as their voice, and talk about whatever they want. Check us out every Monday, because we here at The Droid Guy think this is going to be really great. Our first Guest comes from, creators of THE coolest Android accessories, and the primary reason we are even having the Big Android Barbeque in October. Meet @droiddev, otherwise known as Jake Southers!

“The Android Community Through my Eyes”

In the beginning there was The open handset alliance. And they said let there be G1 and it was good… That was almost two years ago and Android has evolved into a wireless market monster, Taking market share from the big boys and showing the world that you don’t have to wear a turtle neck and conform to the masses to get what u want from a wireless device. With the good always comes some bad ie – Shortly before the G1 launched a mass of android website surfaced on the inter-webs and flooded the blogospere with conjecture and rumor and not much has changed in the Android Blog and news world since. With the exception of the occasional solid leak that more often than not includes a Mr. Blurry-cam shot, the blog/news sites mostly copy and re-post each-others articles. This is a good and bad in many ways. for the most part good for the average Joe that wants to get some info about Android cause you can go just about anywhere to get the same information. For the avid Android enthusiast and ex-blogger like my self its very frustrating, With the mass amounts of android blog/news sites out there the length of my RSS reader is astounding and most post have a different title for the exact same news… you cant just watch one site for your news, some sites wont re-post others info, many have varying opinions on subject matter and some just post any rumor they hear from Joe-Shmo.

Now I’m not saying that every Blog/site out there is this way and I’m not bashing my fellow Android Enthusiast but I am saying that some things need to change or should I say evolve. Android has come a very long way, yet news reporting on android has set at a standstill for far too long! I propose a Android News Alliance! In which blogs/sites come together and form a bond to strengthen our community presence and share info and reporting ethics. Android Enthusiast are going to get there news from their favorite source and usually wont change due to loyalties to their friends or favorite news source, so Android news sites/blogs wouldn’t really lose readers it would just increase the quality of the news that is reported by the Android Community sites. This would not be an easy thing to do, and finding a 3rd party to begin to evolution of Android news wont be an easy thing for all sites to agree upon, but in my opinion this is nothing short of a desperate need for the community.
In Closing I would like to put out a challenge to our Android Blogs/Sites. Form an Alliance, and Make our Community Stronger. Android will continue to evolve, why cant we as a community do the same?

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