Motorola I886 spotted at FCC Headed to Sprint/Nextel/Boost as quick messaging/smartphone hybrid

TFTS found this new Motorola handset the I886 in the FCC filings. Sine it was found in the FCC database it’s headed to the US and being Iden that pretty much means it’s headed to Sprint/Nextel or Boost Mobile.  Based on the specs provided in the instruction manual it looks like it will be a cross/hybrid between a feature/quick-messaging phone and a smartphone.  The design also leads to the same conclusion:

Check out the form factor of this new device at has the front keyboard and 9 key and a slide out keyboard. There are several feature and quick messaging phones on multiple carriers. It’s not clear yet which version of Android it will be running but this device does have a GPS, 2 megapixel camera, video camera and push to talk.

Source: TFTS

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