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Motorola DEFY to debuts on Oprah!

By: Aaron Kasten, producer
T-Mobile is assembling it’s h
oliday line in style. The complainers have been all over the current line-up, and how it compares to the other Carriers. Well, they responded with gusto these past weeks, with the announcement of the G2 and the controversial leak of the MyTouch HD. These are both solid, high-performance devices that alone will make their lineup shine. Throw in the fact that the leaked holiday roadmap shows we still have three more devices to do, and T-Mobile is sure to have a merry Andy Christmas! So here comes phone three of five, the Motorola DEFY!

Oprah may seem like an unlikely place to debut a phone, but when you consider the level of popularity, and consider the increase in popularity due to this being episode 1 of her “goodbye season”, it’s significant. Besides, if the whole audience gets one, that would be really cool! So what is all the fuss about this phone? Well, for starters, its a ruggedized smartphone, something we don’t see much of. Scratch, water, and impact resistance typically means slate gray and ugly, but the guys at Moto still managed to give it some flair. Running Blur 2.1 like the Charm, it’s a current gen device that seems like i would be good for just about everyone.

The press information did not have much regarding the specs, but the 800MHz OMAP from Texas Instruments should give this 3.7 inch phone all the juice it needs to run well, and offer a full day’s battery life. Even though it’s ruggedized, it still have a respectable 5MP camera with Flash, and manges to be DLNA compatible!

Like I said, T-Mobile is gearing up for a great season with some very nice phones that will suit every need, and they will all by running on our favorite little green guy!

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