Millennial Media shows big August numbers for Android!

One of the more tired arguments I have heard recently is that Android is not out to target Apple. I hear that Android is here to target RIM, or Windows Mobile, or even Palm. Understand this pretty clearly, Android is scaling to be above everybody, and to hide behind any other statement is a joke. Fortunately, I don’t need to leave my statement unguarded. MM’s August MobileMix speaks for itself!

Let’s travel back in time to right before the launch of the iPhone 4. Apple had seen significant losses right before their device came out, and held it up to the launch of their new device, and how the number after that would look different. Well, they were mostly right. The numbers do look different, just not in their favor. Android grew 7% in a month. A single month. What makes this number significant is the amount Apple lost in that month, being also 7%. Plus, we stand right before the christmas device rush. We know that every carrier has big stuff coming out for the Holidays, plus the impending release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The numbers will continue to tip in Android’s favor, since no one else has devices backed by a powerful OS anytime soon.

The monthly publication is full of data on all of the cell phones in the US. 51% of all cellphones in the US are smartphones, and now 26% of those smartphones are now Android devices. For a 2 year old company, that’s amazing growth given the powerful devices already on the market. Since January, Android has grown 996% with absolutely no signs of slowing down. By the time Google I/O comes around again, who knows how much larger Android will have grown. The growth of the company via device sales is impressive, and as more and more Devices move to 2.2, and more 2.2 devices come out, we will see even more significant development. Besides the movement to 2.2, looking ahead at 2.3, and even later down the road at Android Honeycomb. Fortunately, we get to be along for the ride!

Source – Android and Me, MM MobileMix August2010