Metro PCS Makes good on LTE in 2010 with Samsung Craft with Android in the works

Prepaid Regional Carrier Metro PCS has made good on what they promised to deliver, having an officially launched LTE network up and running in the United States in 2010. The market of choice for launch is Las Vegas Nevada although the Dallas based carrier has their sites on New York, LA and San Francisco.

Metro PCS launched their LTE network in Las Vegas with Samsung’s “Craft” feature phone. This feature phone has a 3.3 inch AMOLED screen, 2gb Micro SD Card with Star Trek preloaded, Camera, Camcorder, Wifi Capability, and Touchwhiz. It’s capable of browsing the web, social networking, and basic email functionality.

The Samsung Craft is a feature phone with a lot of punch however there are actual feature phones in the works for the Las Vegas market including an Android device.

The cost of the service is $55-$60 per month and the phone costs $299 as with most prepaid carriers you must purchase the phone outright.

Source: PC World

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