LiveView™ – Something Exciting from Sony Ericsson!

A 1.3 inch OLED display with Bluetooth connectivity which allows your phone to be mirrored to this miniature display.  At first sight of this interesting device I thought, hmmm…pointless.    Thankfully there was a video included and after watching it I saw the light.  This is quite an innovative product.  Anyone who has ever tried to pull out an Evo 4G or a Droid X from their pockets quickly know how difficult that can be at times.  Also anyone who is an outdoor sports enthusiast will see a huge benefit in this product.

“Out of the box LiveView can show different announcements like text messages, facebook, twitter; it can also get RSS feeds, calendar, and missed calls.” Marcus Hansson said via the embedded video.  Not included in the quote above is the ability to control your music as well as see the caller on incoming calls.  As time goes by there will be the ability to link this to many different applications.  In the video SportyPal Pro was demonstrated to be able to show all sorts of data related to a runners data such as speed and distance.  You are able to either clip the LiveView device to your clothing or use a wristband that the module will click in to.  You can get the wristband as part of one of a number of Experience packs, from Sony Ericsson, “An ‘Experience Pack‘ is a package of several related components that together create a great user experience in a certain area.”

Sony Ericsson will be offering “Make it mine – open platform for developers to add to the large collection of applications for a unique experience.” Also adding the ability to find LiveView products via LiveWare Manager application.  This will scan the Android Market for LiveView compatible applications.  Sony Ericsson states that LiveView and LiveView Experience packs will be available in stores “from Q4, 2010

An interesting side note: This is for 2.0+ Android phones, even though there are no current Sony Ericsson Android phones running 2.0+ versions of Android.

source: Sony Ericsson

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