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Kyocera Zio: A Closer Look at Cricket’s first Android

Regional prepaid carrier Cricket Wireless launched it’s first Android device last month. In the hubub of wrapping up the summer of Android we didn’t want to try it out in the thick of the Droid 2’s and Galaxy S’ of the world we werent sure it would get it’s due diligence. Fast forward to now and the phone is performing well for Cricket Wireless and we’ve had a bit to play with it.

First off the Android 1.6 would be a shocker to everyone, in the post paid world, however in the prepaid world 1.6 is perfect for an entry level user migrating from a flip or candybar style “dumb phone” to something a little bit, well actually a lot smarter.

This may come as a shocker but I’m going to say, at Android 1.6, the Kyocera Zio by Sanyo is a better device than the Sony Xperia X10 also running 1.6, sure out of the box the X10 would run circles around the Zio if they were both in the Postpaid space but in my opinion, no major carrier postpaid device should have come out post March 2010 with Android 1.6, just sayin.

Otherwise here are some other likes: Kyocera/Sanyo didn’t bother with their own cool UI they let Android 1.6 be Android 1.6 and when we were upgrading to 1.6 it was the shnitz.

Next, there is a trackball in the middle which for some is a great added bonus

The default ringer isnt extremely annoying and the call clarity, when in the leap/cricket area is very clear. But here are the kickers, the good kickers, this phone unsubsidized is yours to own at $249.99 with a $20 mail in rebate, so only $30 more than the average smart phone on the postpaid 4, and it’s YOURS TO KEEP with NO ETF! Next, Cricket keeps their pricing fair and at around $55

Final Verdict I’d say if you’re looking to escape the postpaid bill and you need to do it RIGHT NOW, Cricket and the Zio are a great option for you to look at.

Chirp Chirp

Here are some more specs:

3.5″ Display
600 Mhz qualcomm processor
3.2MP camera with video capabilties

and the almighty, will upgrade to 2.x at some point

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