Interview with a Dev – Jef (@jeagoss) of Team Douche!

By Aaron Buckner, Special Contributor TDG Online
Aaron: For those that don’t know who you are please introduce yourself.
jeagoss: Well, I’m jeagoss, or Jef for the people that must have a real name. I got into Android via a buddy with a G1.
He talked me out of my old T-Mobile Wing. The best thing he has ever done for me. I maintain a theme currently named
Extremely Blue. I think I was amongst the first to actually have my theme running on all CyanogenMod supported devices.
Aaron: Thats great seeing someone being a convert moving into the development portion. Do you mind letting us know what your day job is? Its always interesting to find out how we put food on the table.

jeagoss: I am a storage, memory, and security geek by trade.
I am currently involved in helping to design a whole new realm of storage technology.
(Being faster, smarter, and more secure than the current generation of technologies.)
Aaron: Now thats interesting! Now I know you mentioned your friend got you into the G-1 and Android… How long have you been developing? And What got you into developing for that Android community?
jeagoss: I’ve been doing development in some form or another for roughly 15 years. I’ve done most of my development on Unix/Linux based systems. My experience is very targeted at memory management and disk management, although I have dabbled in porting Windows based applications to Posix architecutres. I started messing around with Android around a year ago. It started as a hobbiest fascination, then turned into a challenge from my friend to create a theme. That turned into me talking to the right people at the right time, and kinda got me to where I am now.
Aaron: I’m sure that makes helping out with the community alot easier, Very cool. What projects are you currently working on?
jeagoss: I love doing what I can in this community. After all, it is this community that helps me.
jeagoss: Currently, I am working on improving my theme, as well as adding in different Extreme colors. Heh.
The wife wants her phone to be purple, so that one is coming down the pipes soon. I’ve also had requests for other colors. I figure I’ll work on those slowly also. Related to the theming stuff, I am working on a better backup system for theming. This will add to the current xml export/import that is done. That same backup system will work on non-theme related stuff as well.
Aaron: Thats good to hear, backup is always a key factor and most people don’t think about that. My wife would like a pink version so I can get her on CyanogenMod!

jeagoss: Sure thing. I’ll add some pony icons for everything as well
Aaron: How much time do you spend developing for Android?
jeagoss: Depends on the week. Here recently, it has dropped some. I’d say on average, probably about 15-20 hours a week messing around. Gotta leave time for scotch and killing zombies.
Aaron: Wow thats a part time job! It really does amaze me to see how much time people volunteer for the community. What are your plans for future development? any particular device your looking forward to?
jeagoss: Currently, I am really looking forward to the G2. It really seems like it will be a great phone. Although, I’ll have a hard time giving up my Nexus. I’d also like to see something EVO like going to the GSM bands. That would be great.
As for future development, I’ll probably start getting a little more heavily invovled in the framework code. All of the stuff I’d like to see get done is covered by that.
Aaron: Awesome, yeah the G2 is definatly going to be a great device, I think a lot of us would like to see the EVO on GSM or even on Verizon possibly its a great phone for sure. Getting into the framework would be a great benifit for the community in my opinion, thats one thing Android could really use is a solid framework that allows easy customization.
jeagoss: Framework customization has definitely started with some work from fellow teamdouche members. Some great things coming up in 6.1 🙂
Aaron: Thats awesome to hear! Ok that does it for the serious questions now its time for the fun questions… First and foremost, Are you coming to the Big Android BBQ?
jeagoss: I will definitely be there. I’ll be making the extremely boring drive from El Paso, TX to Austin. 500+ miles of flat nothingness that is know as I-10….
Aaron: Ha I have you beat there I’m driving from Tampa, FL about 1200 miles! What is your #1 must have Android App?
jeagoss: Heh. Weatherbug. I am a bit of a weather geek. Weather fascinates me.
Aaron: Awesome! Always refreshing to see something different! WeatherBug is a great app too! Do you have any good Android convert stories?

jeagoss: I converted my mom-in-law, lol. She had some reservations, but finally caved. I think she got the Galaxy-S for her first experience. Soon, I’ll have her convinced to let me mod it. Galaxy-S, Vibrant, w/e the T-Mobile variant is.
Aaron: Hahaha! Great one! Gotta love the Galaxy S line of phones, I can’t wait to see CyanogenMod on them, Then they will really shine for sure! And last but not least Is there anything that you would like to say to the community at large?

jeagoss: Yeah, she wants her phone purple too -.- You know, CM gets a lot of requests for ports to “insert phone / device here”. While I’d say the goal is to take over the world, we cannot properly take over the world without more volunteers. CM is all about the open source nature of Android. We want people looking at the code, changing the code, and submitting those changes. It’s time to not be afraid and jump in. Help in the goal of world domination.
Aaron: Well said, I don’t think there is any other way to put it. I’d like to thank you once again for taking the time to talk with me Jef, I really enjoyed it! How can folks follow you and your work?
jeagoss: Follow me on twitter via @jeagoss, and watch the Changelogs of CM. Anything I do / will do is exclusive to CM.
Huge thanks to Jef for taking the time!
There you have it gang an open invite to get involved with the community and help out a great team! Once again I would like the thank @jeagoss for taking the time to chat with me, It was a truely great experience. Remember if you want to see CM on your device hop in the CM6 IRC or forums and find out what YOU can do to help make it happen, If you have a device where CM has already been ported get in there and see what you can do to help out anyways!