Interview with a Dev – Jairomeo of Flavored Ice Fame!

Aaron: For those that don’t know who you are please introduce yourself

jairomeo: I’m JaiThemes or jairomeo on the forums, Android themer, Flavored Ice creator amongst many other themes, also make Android wallpapers for different ROMs and general Android.

Aaron: Excellent, If you don’t mind answering what do you do for living? Day Jobs in the Android community always fascinate me.

jairomeo: I’m a Digital Design Engineer for a Space and Defense company. Manly computer and guidance systems.

Aaron: Wow, that’s an interesting switch from theming and Android development!
What got you interested in Android in the first place and how did you get into the development side?

jairomeo: I was interested in the G1 when I first heard about it, got it when it came out, started messing with it once it was rooted, loved flashing all the themes, wanted something of my own that wasn’t out there so I made it. I just like being able to make things my own and Android lets me do that.

Aaron: Very cool, A lot of developers were drawn in by the G1. So how long have you been developing themes for Android?

jairomeo: I started last September so having my year anniversary lol

Aaron: Awesome that’s a pretty good amount of time, most people don’t seem to last that long! How would you classify your themes? or are they all over the map?

jairomeo: Well it started with sports, on the G1 I made a theme for all 32 NFL themes, my start was making a Giants theme. After a while they became too hard to maintain, and football season was coming to an end so I made Ice Crystals which I then transformed into Flavored Ice on the Nexus. F.I. is a total overhaul, I made it back in Feb of this year and changed over 4000 images. Not sure how exactly to classify it, but its clean and very detailed.

Aaron: I happen to like Dark Berry a lot on my Droid, though I must admit I’m a flashing addict so I am constantly changing things up!
Can you give us any hints on any upcoming projects you are working on? are you working with any other community members on a collaborative project?

jairomeo: Cool, glad to hear 🙂 I do want to make something new, but I cant manage to keep Flavored Ice and have something new, so nothing directly from me until that gets too old for people to want. I do help a few themers behind the scenes and JsinLegacy has a cool idea that he wants to do and I am going to try and help him out redoing .9’s in a whole new style. It should be very interesting

Aaron: Awesome, It seems that a lot of the communities developers like to reach out and help each other as I’ve seen recently, It’s always nice to see that, It’s what sets Android apart in my opinion.
How much time do you spend on developing in a given week? Drunk Tweets don’t count!

jairomeo: hahaha, well since the drunk tweets have started, a lot less. Had some changes in my life and I spend a lot more time going out then working on things. I still probably spend 10-12 hours a week toying with Android. If you go back 6 months it was more like 25

Aaron: That’s still pretty impressive for a person thats not all together compensated for your work, I know you have some themes on the market for ADW but that still takes up a good chunk of time. That pretty much wraps up my “Journalistic” side now I have a few fun questions for you.
What device are you currently using? And what of the upcoming devices are you most looking forward to?

jairomeo: I have a Nexus One, which I love. I’m interested to see what comes of the G2 just because I do like a having a physical keyboard. But not sure, with all the other phones like the DesireHD and the possibility of dual core phones soon, I may try and wait it out

Aaron: The Nexus One holds a place in a lot of people’s hearts, I still think a lot of people are sad to see it go. The G2 is going to be an interesting handset, I can’t wait to get my hands on one and test it out I’m curious about that hinge mechanism but everyone said the G1 Z-Hinge would fail and they don’t seem to so HTC must be doing something right.
Do you have any good Android convert stories?

jairomeo: I have actually converted 1 coworker to Android from an iPhone, but I’ve also talked a few friends into it, including a business owner who will now only use Android, and a few more coworkers.

Aaron: Ahhhh Android Advocacy at its best!
Whats your #1 must have Android app you would recommend?

jairomeo: I have the hardest time answering this question, but I always recommend Astro just because I’ve loved it since it first came out and use it so much. Otherwise I just make sure they know about all the other things like Shazam, Chrome to Phone if the have Froyo and Flixster. Im simple.

Aaron: Nice, I haven’t heard Flixter recommended before thats an excellent app too, often overlooked!
Is there anything you would like to say to the community at large or would like to ask the community?

jairomeo: I’d just like to thank the community for everything it does and to continue to support those who put in the effort to make it better. And just to continue to show support because that support is what keeps all the developers and themers going.

Aaron: Great, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to sit down with me this evening! I really appreciate it!
How can we follow you and your work?

jairomeo: Thanks for having me. Best places are on the XDA forums, CyanogenMod forums or my website, and if you can handle my drunk tweets and antics JaiThemes on twitter, most things I do or ideas I have are posted there, and its the best way to get a hold of me.

Aaron: All right well I won’t take up anymore of your time, Thanks again! I look forward to talking with you again in the future! Have a great evening!

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