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[UPDATE] Huawei summons an Android storm, TDG gets a hands on!

There are a significant amount of Android devices all over the world. Region specific devices make me sad (Samsung: IWANT A US GALAXY BEAM!) but what’s worse are hardware companies that do not even have us phones. Be it they are unwilling or unable, I really like ALL Android devices, and like to play with all of them. With that, I have been patiently waiting for Huawei, a popular chinese hardware manufacturer, already has Android devices in the wild, but we can’t get/use them in the US. Enter IDEOS, Huawei’s newest Android Smartphone!

The FroYo friendly phone packs a punch, for being described as an Entry Level device by it’s manufacturer. The device will come in various colors, each very nice looking! It boasts downlink speeds of more than 7.2Mb/s, offers WCDMA + WiFi dual network support, meaning it will support our favorite 8 device wifi tethering feature. The device will be in several markets in the world, including the US. With price points like $100-$200 depending on the market it’s in, Huawei is doing a great job pushing itself into the Android ecosystem, and I can’t wait to get one of these in my hand! The Droid Guy is live at IFA with a hands on of the IDEOS!

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