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Huawei IDEOS line includes Tablet!

For a company that has previously had next to no US exposure, Chinese manufacturer Huawei has been making serious waves at IFA this year with their IDEOS line of products, due to bring a mid-range Android experience across the world. As if their first US phone release was not impressive enough, it seems Huawei has taken the a nod from another manufacturer we know, and branding all of their Android experience devices under a single brand. This is the second time we have seen this effort, the first being Samsung’s Galaxy S series. As an exclusive from IFA 2010, The Droid Guy got some hands on with the Huawei IDEOS tablet with Android!

The IDEOS brand will be something we will be seeing more and more of in the US, and in many other regions of the world. Huawei has a great line of Android devices ready to deploy with 2.2 ready, and shows no signs of stopping. Now, let’s get a look at this thing!

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