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HP’s 7″ Android Tablet for $399 includes free printer!

No this isn’t some kind of joke. Despite just buying Palm out of a miserable death, HP has moved forward with their plans to produce an android printer which includes a wi-fi only, non android market accessing, 7″ tablet. This “HP Photosmart E-Station” comes complete with a removeable tablet running android which docs in the printer.
You can use the tablet to view photos, email, and the web with a special print button to print wirelessly via wifi directly to the printer. This 7″ tablet is running Android 2.1 and is presumed to move to Android 2.2 shortly.

Although the tablet (or detachable touchscreen as HP Calls it) is Android powered it comes with one click access to a Yahoo suite including yahoo mail, yahoo messenger and yahoo photos.

The retail price of this printer/tablet combo is $399 and is of course subsidized to sell ink.

source: Phonarena and HP

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