Hey Google, Where's our MMS Support?

By Jake Southers (@droiddev), Special Contributor TDG Online
Since Long before Android was released people have been using google voice to make life easier. I used google voice on my blackberry before I made the plunge into android and it made moving to a new device type all that much easier. Although GV is a truly great service it has always missed on vital need for all mobile users.. MMS (picture/video messaging). My thought is Why not support picture messaging??? Google why hold your GV users back? Nothing annoys me more then having to use a separate phone number to send/receive Pictures. And trying to explain to friends why they have to send the picture not only again but to a completely different phone number is a truly frustrating ordeal. With all the advancements made in google voice in the past such as, message transcription, Website Call Me Widgets, Unlimited Custom Greetings for all your groups or contacts, and being able to have a single number forward to all the phones you have.. all I can say is why Google WHY???

Maybe we as a community should start a initiative to have google pay a little attention to it’s users. Here is what i suggest… Tweet this and have ur twitter friends Re-tweet it too. Lets make this happen.
Hey @googlevoice Where is our MMS support!!!! @google make us happy!! #GooglevoiceMMSsupportFTW PLS RT!

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