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Hands on with the Viewsonic Viewpad!

Sick of tablets yet? Good, so am I. Sick of seeing them and not touching them anyways. IFA has been pleasantly full of new and interesting devices to share with the world. We’ve seen great things from Samsung, Toshiba, Huawei, and now Viewsonic, an American hardware manufacturer, has stepped up to the plate with their own crack at the Android Tablet. Everyone, meet the Viewsonic Viewpad!

Viewsonic’s tablet was nearly inexistent on our radar for the next quality tablet. Their device was mostly a mystery when we came upon it. 7″, and just barely larger than the Galaxy Tab, though heavier, the Viewpad is a solid device in the hand. Viewsonic’s tablet, currently running 2.2, uses the same trick Samsung employed in order to get the Market on their device, in that it’s 3G capable and able to place phone calls. The touch screen is one clearly designed by a company well versed in making screens, and the USB charging and data means you don’t have to worry about needing multiple cables. Enough spec talk though, show us that tablet!

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