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Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Player 50!

The Galaxy line of devices seems to be growing every day. Our hands-on exclusive with the Galaxy Tab and the Euro-based Galaxy Beam have shown us that samsung shows no signs of slowing down. It’s clear that Samsung is intent on being one of the big names attached to Android, as well it should given it’s status as a charter member of the Open Handset Alliance, and it’s current line of devices shows that it’s dedication to the furthering of the Operating System is there. As the Galaxy Tab enters itself as the first real Android Tablet, so to will it’s smaller friend, the Samsung Galaxy Player 50.

Could Android survive as it’s own Portable Media Player? The Android community seems to constant haze the built in Music app and its functional inability to work seamlessly with computers in that way that, say, a Zune might. There are plenty of third party Android music services, and just as many video services as well, so it stands to reason that given Market access, one could use an Android device as a PMP exclusively. How well will it stack up against the existing players in that market? The Android Market alone would give the Player 50 a head over the Zune, or most of the other players in that arena – leaving just one. In order to decide that fight, we’d need to see the device! Here’s a hands on from IFA 2010!

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