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Google Pushing Deeper into Corporate Security Layers

Google Adds Authentication To Google Apps

Google has added a free authentication option to Google Apps.  Google Apps has already supported other forms of security layers including smart cards and tokens, among others.  Many of these features cost money and may add a (small) layer of difficulty in implementing.  The beauty of this system is that it is free.  “Making this service available to millions of users at no cost took a great deal of coordination across Google’s specialized infrastructure, from building a scalable SMS and voice call system to developing open source mobile applications for your smart phone,” said Travis McCoy, a product manager for Google Apps. via PCMag

Finding a way to add such an easy way to authenticate users makes this an addition that many IT managers must love.  Between having a password and a code provided to the users phone this makes a security breach much less likely.  If this method is teamed with certificates and smart cards then three or four layers are present then chances of unauthorized access has dropped significantly.

Google Authenticator can be downloaded from the  Android Market  or BlackBerry AppWorld for free, it has also been approved for the Apple App Store although it is not yet available for download.

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