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Galaxy Tab: We've Got Carriers

By: Aaron Kasten, Producer,
Bloomberg is reporting that Sprint, AT&T and Veizon plan on selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab. An announcement on carriers is forthcoming from Samsung at a release event on September 16.  Bloomberg sought comment from Sprint, AT&T and Samsung who all declined to comment. The Bloomberg story HERE cites confirmation from two sources that asked not to be named because the plans aren’t public.

AT&T and Sprint have both said to Bloombeg that they plan on offering the Galaxy Tab for less than Samsung’s wholesale pricing by offering subsidized options, similar to those offered on all of their phones. Verizon hasn’t said whether or not they will go with the subsidized model. had intense one on one time with the Galaxy Tab, the 7″ device with a tft screen, Android 2.2, access to the Android Market, multi-tasking and wifi printing out of the box. At 7″ the tablet seems to be the perfect size to hold in one hand while writing, via swype, in the other.

We are looking forward to the event on September 16th to hear the official announcement from Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, who knows maybe T-Mobile will be in the mix by then.

Would you purchase the Galaxy Tab on a subsidized data or data/voice combo plan?

source: Bloomberg

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